Rest easy Country Music Radio

Connecting you to the most relaxing places across the United Kingdom

Rest easy across the nation

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Rest easy, whether you're home or away

With Premier Inn you can rest easy, whatever the trip

That’s thanks to both our incredible hotels and the countryside surrounding them coming together to create restful vibes.

We want to help people across the UK access that feeling when they need it most. Whether it’s to help destress from a hectic commute, get rested after a long day’s work, or simply to pause and find a moment of calm in our hectic and fast-paced world.

So, we’re launching a “Country Music” radio station that will connect you directly to restful places on demand.

Premier Inn’s Rest easy Country Music Radio will be broadcasting a combination of natural soundscapes and restful ambient audio 24/7. Letting anyone connect to sounds – from fields and forests to the coast and our hotels – that will help them rest easy, whatever they’re doing, day or night.